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Certified Life Care Planners

Development & Analysis of Life Care Plans

Physicians Medical Review has a team of certified life care planners who can assist attorneys with developing and analyzing lifetime care plans for personal injury and workers' compensation cases. Our experts utilize published standards of practice to develop life-care plans and create comprehensive reports of the outlined medical needs of catastrophically injured or chronically ill individuals. As a physician and attorney owned and operated medical consulting firm, we are able to provide thorough and established analyses as well as recommend the appropriate treatment for injured victims. Our life-care planners' reports are regularly used in mediation and settlement disputes, and our certified life care planners are frequently called upon to provide testimony at trial.

Our life care planner services include:

  • Initial consultation to review case specifics
  • Comprehensive assessment of medical needs for present and future
  • Interviews and visits with injured individual
  • Comprehensive report created by a certified life care planner

In order to establish the expected medical care required over the full range of an injured or chronically ill person’s lifetime, a certified life care planner interviews the injured individual and determines their specific needs. PMR’s expert life care planners utilize the published standards, tenets, methodologies, and principles outlined for life care plan development and analysis.

Our Life Care Planning Methodology

The certified life care planners at Physicians Medical Review utilize established methodologies in life care plan development and analysis.

The circumstances of each case are different, but this methodology can include the following:

  • Comprehensive reviews of medical records and other supporting documentation
  • Clinical interviews with patients
  • Discussions with medical and health-related treatment teams to obtain information not discovered during medical records reviews
  • Research to develop relevant clinical practice guidelines
  • Research of relevant literature to establish needs and recommendations
  • Obtain further data through staffing and consulting specialists, if necessary

Request an Expert Life Care Planner

Our services can include developing plans for our clients as well as analyzing a plan presented by opposing counsel.

If you are interested in connecting with a highly qualified life care plan provider, call us at (888) 391-6998.

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