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Mass Torts Medical Consulting

Mass Torts Medical Consulting Services

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At Physicians Medical Review, our in-house physician reviewers provide exceptional support to attorneys involved in mass tort cases, including those involving defective medical devices and dangerous prescription drugs. We provide a host of services regarding the analysis of mass tort cases ranging from the initial screening of viable cases as well as settlement consulting services whereby we assist with the development of settlement claims packages.

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Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation

Complete Pharmaceutical and Medical Device litigation support services from intake through settlement:

Case Screening Services - we will evaluate the medical records of individual mass tort cases to determine the viability. This includes:

  • Medical Record Analysis
  • Case Evaluation by Board-Certified Physicians
  • Various Case Screening Formats
    • Proprietary Case Scoring Systems
    • Inventory Spreadsheet Analysis
    • Narrative Report Evaluation

Litigation Services

  • Medical Record Chronology
  • Plaintiff Fact Sheets

Plaintiff Steering Committee Medical-Legal Consulting

Mass Tort Medical Settlement Services

  • Development of Organized, Highlighted, and Annotated Medical Record Claim Packages
  • Claimant Settlement Summaries
  • Medical-Legal Consulting for Settlement Appeals

We will provide medical chronologies for medical malpractice and mass tort cases, including taking thousands of records to create an easy-to-follow chart linked to actual medical records - a useful tool for attorneys during discovery. When litigation settles, we can highlight potential issues in the medical records to help organize cases for attorneys.

In-House Physician Mass Tort Litigation Services

  • Conduct research specific to medical complications regarding both drug and medical device liability
  • Develop intake questionnaire forms
  • Evaluate questionnaires for medical merit and clinical issues
  • Determine which medical records are pertinent to mass litigation
  • Review medical records of selected clients
  • Identify the medical specialty requirements for the mass tort
  • Assist with the production of settlement claims packages to comply with settlement agreement requirements

“Peter and Geoff are only a phone call away from me and my firm. When time is of the essence and experience paramount, they are quick to lend to me their understanding of medical-legal issues that require a lifetime to acquire. Quality is never sacrificed in voluminous work because PMR has a large, in-house staff, including board certified medical experts, paying close attention to expedite your cases.” -Mark Lanier, Lanier Law Firm, Houston, TX

For expert research, medical record reviews, mass tort analysis, and other medical litigation consulting services, contact Physicians Medical Review.

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  • “Peter and Geoff helped me understand the medical-legal issues that require a lifetime to acquire.”

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