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Personal Injury Consulting Services

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Physicians Medical Review provides attorneys and law firms involved in personal injury cases with services that include the evaluation of medical records, and other litigation services.

Medical case evaluation and analysis of causation and damages issues:

  • PMR’s Medical-Legal Consulting Services for Personal Injury Litigation
    • Narrative report analysis
    • Hyperlinked medical chronologies and deposition summaries
    • Hands-on physician consulting regarding medical issues for trial and deposition preparation
  • Settlement Services
    • Medical summaries for settlement demand
    • In-person mediation appearances

We offer exceptional, personalized service in any medical aspect of personal injury cases. Learn more about our services below:

  • Evaluate medical records and provide a comprehensive, chronological case report – including identifying any pre-existing conditions
  • Critique physician’s independent medical exam (IME) written report
  • Critique videotape of the clinical proficiency of the physician performing the IME
  • Itemize the pertinent medical issues for the development of the settlement demand letter
  • Assist in mediation by identifying the important medical aspects of the case
  • Consult for trial preparation
  • Evaluate the qualifications and weakness of opposing experts
  • Develop cross-examination questions
  • Assist your physician experts in preparation for court appearance

Through our services, we strive to help our clients build stronger and more effective cases in an ethical and objective manner.

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To connect with a highly qualified attorney or physician for your case, contact us. We have board-certified experts from all specialties and subspecialties as well as a network of attorneys available. Have a look at Testimonials from former clients to read commentary from those we have worked with.

“Having tried and won some of our most successful cases with attorney Geoffrey Schosheim, he not only was an exceptional trial lawyer in his own right, he incorporated Dr. Schosheim’s clinical experience, insight and consult as a medical expert, proving crucial to winning medically complex cases. At PMR, he provides this wealth of experience and acumen for your success.“ -John Romano, Romano Law Group, West Palm Beach, FL

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To obtain the assistance of our in-house staff in any medical aspect of a personal injury case contact Physicians Medical Review.

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