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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Legal Consulting

Physicians Medical Review provides exceptional, personalized service in all aspects of medical litigation services. PMR is a physician-owned and operated medical consulting firm. Our board-certified, in-house physicians provide a full range of services to our attorney clients. PMR performs thorough evaluations of the medical circumstances surrounding a case and provides comprehensive medical legal consulting through the duration of the case.

What services does Physicians Medical Review perform in mass tort cases?

PMR provides a complete medical legal consultant approach to mass tort cases which includes research and “intake” questionnaire development and response evaluations. PMR Physicians then determine which records are pertinent to the mass tort litigation, review the records, and identify pertinent medical issues in those cases. Under circumstances in which mass tort cases result in global or individual firm settlements, Physicians Medical Review’s team of in-house physicians and nurses provide medical record claim packages and evaluation to be submitted to claims administrators. Finally, when necessary, our physicians will find, interview, and refer medical experts for mass tort litigation including bellwether trial experts.

Who performs medical record reviews for medical merit of cases?

Medical record screenings for merits (of cases) are done by Physicians Medical Review’s highly qualified, board-certified in-house physicians. Physicians Medical Review’s in-house physicians cover all specialty areas of medicine and are able to review medical records in any health-related area.

How quickly is a medical record reviewed for merit?

A medical record review will be performed within 10 working days.

There are circumstances in which a medical review needs to be performed in an expeditious manner. Can this be done by Physicians Medical Review?

If a case needs to be reviewed in an expeditious manner due to statute limitations or other conditions, completion of a case with high priority status will be accomplished quickly – sometimes within as little as 24 hours.

Does a review for merit include a written review, telephone, or e-mail response?

Telephone and/or e-mail responses can be performed in a more cost-efficient and expedient manner than written reviews. Physicians Medical Review will perform comprehensive written reviews, telephone conferences, or an e-mail response, depending upon how the attorney client wishes to obtain information.