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Medical Malpractice Consulting

Medical Malpractice Consulting Services

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Physicians Medical Review’s in-house physicians and attorney provide comprehensive medical litigation consulting services. Physicians Medical Review is a physician and attorney owned and operated medical legal consulting firm with in-house physicians who provide expert case analyses, organize medical records and create medical chronologies, prepare attorneys for deposition and trial, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of opposing medical experts, and prepare its attorney clients for cross-examination of opposing medical experts.

If you pursue medical malpractice cases and are in need of a medical record review and consultation contact Physicians Medical Review today.

Why Physicians Medical Review?

Medical record review for determination of case viability and predictability of success:

  • Specialty specific case evaluations are provided by board-certified physician consultants
    • Reasonable Pricing
    • Reputable, Experienced Team
  • Case Review Formats
    • Narrative report evaluations address standard of care issues, medical/scientific causation, provide damages analysis
    • Hyperlinked medical chronologies and deposition summaries
    • Telephone conferences with medical experts
  • Deposition and Trial Preparation by Board Certified Physicians

Our Medical Litigation Support Services

  • Evaluate medical records to determine the weaknesses, strengths, and general merits of medical malpractice cases
  • Compile and provide comprehensive chronological written medical reports with case summaries and literature searches
  • Determine the medical experts necessary to provide sufficient support
  • Identify, recommend, and refer highly qualified, board-certified clinical academicians to retain as experts for medical malpractice testimony, case review, and other services
  • Prepare attorneys for cross-examination of opposing medical experts and for the depositions and trial testimony of their retained physician expert
  • Review the qualifications and weakness of opposing experts
  • Develop cross-examination questions and case strategy

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“PMR is our partner at Hickey Law Firm. They are an essential ingredient to any law practice where obtaining just the right expert or sorting out medical issues or reviewing medical malpractice cases is concerned. If your practice is concentrated in the area of personal injury, including medical malpractice, you NEED to call PMR.” - John H “Jack” Hickey, Hickey Law Firm, Miami, FL

5 / 5 stars - "We have continued to use PMR in each and every case where it becomes necessary to identify a physician expert..."' - Gabriel Imperato, Attorney at Law

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Our Reviews

  • “Peter and Geoff helped me understand the medical-legal issues that require a lifetime to acquire.”

    Mark Lanier, Attorney at Law

  • “PMR provides a wealth of experience and acumen for your success.”

    John Romano, Attorney at Law

  • “PMR did it in just a matter of a few days.”

    Alex Alvarez, Attorney at Law

  • “PMR is an essential ingredient to any law practice.”

    Jack Hickey, Attorney at Law

  • “PMR provided an expert advice.”

    Robert Boyers, Attorney at Law