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U.S. FDA MedWatch

Reports of adverse reactions to medications, drug products, or medical devices provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


PubMed Central is an archive of life sciences journal literature managed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Ovid Medical Publication

Ovid is an internationally recognized leader in medical information services, providing a customizable suite of content, tools, and services for its customers.

ICD Codes

A detailed description of known diseases and injuries. Every disease (or group of related diseases) is described with its diagnosis and given a unique code, up to six characters long.


Integrated, multispecialty medical information and education tool for specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals.

National Library of Medicine

Extensive collection of online information for the public and health care professionals, dealing with clinical care, toxicology and environmental health, and basic research.


Internet-based network that connects medical services, communication, and information tools.

Virtual Hospital

Continuously updated digital health sciences library that provides rapid, convenient access to health care information for both health care providers and patients.

Free medical reference featuring articles about illnesses, medical procedures, and medications.


Virtual community for health care professionals designed to provide a number of ways to exchange ideas and opinions and facilitate easy access to information.

American Academy of Physician Assistants

Representing all physician assistants in every area of medicine

Lab Tests Online

Provides better understanding of lab tests during routine care as well as diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of conditions and diseases.

JayDoc HistoWeb

Histology atlas, high-res images, complete descriptions, and easy navigation — perfect for medical students.

Virtual Naval Hospital

Digital health sciences library for providers, patients, and families.

Library of the National Medical Society

Online medical reference library. Includes information on diseases, treatment, and online diagnosis.

Medcalc Clinical Calculators

Online calculators for IV administration, growth, body mass index (BMI), pregnancy, and more.


Offering interactive grand rounds for physicians and medical students. Each conference is authored and moderated by a distinguished academic who is the permanent moderator for his or her specialty.

Research Matters at Harvard University

Offers insight and news on the latest discoveries and advances by Harvard researchers. Organized by topic: mind, body, society, earth, space, and technology.

Journal Club Open

Interactive, medical journal club. Articles from the recent medical literature are reviewed and reader comments are posted.

Medical Mnemonics

Searchable database of medical mnemonics for students.


Online home of the Nanomedicine book series devoted to the science of designing and using molecular machine systems to address medical problems. Includes information about the multivolume books as well as background about nanomedicine and nanotechnology.

Med Nexus


Medical Online

Contains medical information for professionals and patients.


News and medical information, online journal, newsgroups, and patient support.

Objectivist Issues In Medicine

Philosophical forum that discusses health care–related issues in an objectivist context.

Center for Outcomes Research

International Medical Graduate Page

For international medical graduates working in the United States

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