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Expert Witness Referral

Let Our Physicians & Attorneys Find & Screen Your Medical Expert

An expert witness can prove an invaluable asset – or distinct liability – in a medical malpractice or personal injury action. You must find a medical expert witness with the specific qualifications that apply to your case, as well as the ability to clearly and convincingly describe an independent opinion or evidence based on their area of expertise. An expert witness must also be able to withstand cross-examination without getting flustered or confused. Physicians Medical Review provides unmatched medical expert witness referral services for attorneys and law firms across the country.

Our in-house physicians and attorneys can find, screen, and refer a qualified medical professional to serve in your case and provide testimony as an expert witness during litigation and trial.

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Why PMR’s Medical Expert Witness Referral Service?

PMR’s expert witness referral service is different than most companies, for two key reasons:

  • Our board-certified physicians are uniquely qualified to assess a medical expert’s qualifications. We can engage in a meaningful dialogue regarding a medical professional’s area or areas of specialty that would apply to a particular type of case, and we are armed with the knowledge to identify potential weaknesses or issues that could present future problems.
  • We provide our expert witness referral services for a one-time fee. This fee includes the finding, vetting, and referral of the witness to you, our attorney client. After we refer the medical expert to you, our involvement ends. You can retain that same expert in the future, at no additional cost from PMR.

Physician and attorney owned and operated, Physicians Medical Review is like no other when it comes to finding, evaluating, and referring medical experts for our attorney clients. We objectively screen clinical experts for their experience, their skill, and their knowledge in their respective fields.

Complete Medicolegal Consulting

In addition to expert witness referral, PMR offers comprehensive medical litigation services from experienced medicolegal consultants. We are positioned to address every medical need related to your case.

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