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Bair Hugger Litigation Consulting

Establish Medical Credibility for Your Claim

Bair Hugger lawsuits are filed daily in the MDL in the District of Minnesota involving claims that the Forced Air Warming Blanket, Bair Hugger, led to dangerous infections in patients, such as periarticular joint infections (PJIs) and sepsis. The lawsuits are gaining traction as more patients are experiencing severe injuries after having had these blankets applied during surgery. The air circulated by the blanket is believed to have caused bacteria from the non-sterile area in operating rooms to contact patients’ surgical sites.

If you are an attorney seeking medical legal consulting for a Bair Hugger case, Physicians Medical Review can provide a full range of services. Our in-house team is comprised of highly credentialed and reputable board-certified medical professionals.

Our team of in-house physicians, nurses, and attorneys can provide a wide range of support for your case, including:

  • Case Screening for Merit (PMR worked with the Plaintiff Steering Committee to develop the case screening point system for this litigation)
    • Our screening process includes the review of all pertinent medical records, a narrative report chronology and completion of the case screening point calculation form for each case
  • Research and intake questionnaire development
  • Medical records organization
  • Medical case chronology and summary preparation
  • Settlement claims package preparation at the conclusion of the litigation

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