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Transvaginal Mesh Litigation Consultants

Highly Qualified, In-House Physicians & Attorneys

As more lawsuits have surfaced regarding various transvaginal mesh devices, it is important for attorneys to engage the right medical litigation consultants to help them and juries better understand the medical science behind these claims. A consulting team with the right credentials and background can strengthen a case and lead to exceptional results.

At Physicians Medical Review, we have been providing a wide range of medical litigation support for more than 15 years. Our in-house team of physicians and attorneys is comprised of board-certified clinical academicians of nearly all specialties and sub-specialties. We provide a full spectrum of medical legal consulting, including reviewing cases for medical viability, organizing and summarizing medical records, researching and compiling medical literature, and more.

Settlement Claims Preparation & Development

Many of the claims against the various transvaginal mesh manufacturers are eligible for global settlements. The settlement claims process involves complex medical issues which if correctly organized and presented can add significant value to your clients’ claims. Physicians Medical Review can assist with settlement claims package development through its review, evaluation, and annotation of the appropriate medical records to help add value to your client’s claim.

Medical Complication Overview

The complications that are prevalent in patients who have undergone the transvaginal mesh procedure include damage and infection in organs, vaginal scarring, pain during sexual intercourse, and chronic pain in the pelvic region.

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If you would like to engage a highly credentialed medical consultant for your transvaginal mesh litigation case, Physicians Medical Review can find the right specialist to assist with all medical aspects of your case. From the initial intake to resolution, we can provide objective and ethical support to enhance the medical credibility of your case and facilitate a stronger claim.

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