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IVC Filter Litigation Consulting

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Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters have been at the center of numerous lawsuits claiming that the implantation of such devices has led to adverse risks and complications. Physicians Medical Review’s in-house radiology team is available to provide comprehensive litigation support services including the screening of IVC filter cases through the evaluation of CT Scans. Our exceptional services can be personalized to meet your specific litigation demands. Strengthen your case with our objective and ethical approach to medical legal consulting.

Overview of Medical Complications from IVC Filters

Common adverse reactions arising from IVC filter implants include migration and fracture of the device causing damage to nearby organs, internal bleeding, pain, and other serious complications including death. Patients may require multiple surgeries just to remove the device.

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At Physicians Medical Review, we offer full medical legal consulting for medical device claims. If you are in need of a board-certified medical professional who can help you organize and review medical records, screen for qualified claims, or assist with any other medical aspect of litigation, contact us.

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