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Da Vinci Robotics – Medical Legal Consulting

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The da Vinci robotic system was developed as a surgical device intended to assist the operating physician by providing greater precision. There are currently a number of complaints against the manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical Inc., alleging defective design of these devices which has caused serious injury to patients. If you require a medical expert to assist in your case, Physicians Medical Review offers comprehensive medical legal consulting for all aspects of litigation, from the initial screening all the way to resolution.

Common professionals consulted for da Vinci cases include:

  • Obstetricians and gynecologists (in cases involving hysterectomy, myomectomy, sacrocolpopexy, and ovarian cystectomy procedures)
  • Urologists (in cases involving prostatectomy, ureterectomy and cystectomy)
  • Head and neck specialists (in cases involving transoral surgery, tongue base resection, and other procedures involving the mouth and throat)

We have a group of in-house, board-certified physicians who can provide a full range of services including reviewing of cases for medical merit, evaluating claims for the required medical specialties, organizing and summarizing medical records, preparing medical case chronologies, and providing expert witnesses for testimony.

Overview of Medical Complications

Claims involving da Vinci robotic surgical systems often involve:

  • Flawed design involving the use of monopolar energy that cuts and burns tissue
  • Defects involving poor insulation, allowing leakage of electrical current
  • Burns from metal components
  • Infections and perforations
  • Device components being left in the body

Providing the Medical Credibility You Need

Finding the right medical team to guide you through your case has never been easier. Physicians Medical Review provides attorneys and law firms with the medicolegal consulting required to build a medically credible case.

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